The British Rail Locomotive Society was first formed in the later stages of 2016 when Direct Rail Services announced their first sales of 
English Electric Class 37's from its fleet. It was decided that rather than let these machines be left to the cutters torch, that at least one
from the batch should be preserved. Working inside the Facebook community British Rail Old School, we put together a plan of action for a heritage
project and got to work. Bumps in the road meant we missed the first sales by Direct Rail Services but we have everything in place ready for the
next ones to come up; provided a suitable candidate is there. We are registered company limited by guarantee on Companies House and HMRC, we will
operate as a non-profit organisation to save a classic piece of British engineering for preservation for many years to come.

We aim to preserve near enough any diesel from the BR period such class 20, 31, 37's etc. for future generations to enjoy and learn about our
engineering past in a more practical form.

We are supported by the Facebook group and community 'British Rail Old School' which was first formed in 2010 by our own committee member Anthony Gregory
as a forum for former British Railways workers and lovers of BR. As the group grew so did the desire for the group to have its own heritage loco and we
will provide, we will still act as our own independent heritage organisation, however, anyone is welcome to donate or join the group and support us.